We are a regional commercial television network, with a program that caters for all the needs of the society. The concept of our television is of informational character, modeled to be the public service of the citizens. Our program cultivates our TV viewership, respects the ethics of the profession, as well as the dignity and the independence in creating and broadcasting the program, starting from the rights to the free access to all the information.
Commercial content is clearly separated from the informational content in the program, and for our broad viewership we collect, prepare and broadcast the information, and in such a way we simplify the multicultural world of the fast communication for the benefit of our viewers, in all the parts of their life. While being informative, RTV Panonija supports the overall interests of our viewers, and points out and cherishes the differences between the nations, languages, and religions in Vojvodina, contributing to the creation of the democratic public, as well as cultivating cultural traditions and cultural and artistic values. With our profession we strive to make an influence on the harmonization of the relations between the ethnic communities. Moreover, in all the parts of the program we act on the behalf of multiculturalism, multiethnicity, and multilingualism of Vojvodina which is the most composite part of Serbia when it comes to the nationalities of the population. Therefore we represent a medium with a special part in the social, cultural and the political life of the province, and further.
RTV Panonija broadcasts the program during the whole day, and the contents of the program are such that 60% of it is informational, 20% is cultural and entertaining, 10% is educational and scientific, and 10% of the program is documentary.
The professional and objective approach to the work of all the employees of the television has earned the confidence of the viewership as well as high rating in the community of the media. Together with the companies which advertise on our program, we have secured the mutual business advance.
RTV Panonija respects and fulfills all the reqests of the Article 68. of the Law of broadcasting, strictly follows all the prescriptions about authorship rights and similar rights, as well as the Law of Advertising. Such an approach evidently witnesses the seriousness and earnestness of this program.
The program of TV Panonija is broadcast on the 64th channel of UHF territory from the “digital ready“ transmitter at Bocke (Novi Sad), and on the 52th channel UHF territory from the transmitter in Kula. The program of TV Panonija is also available on the territory of Belgrade and Subotica, via the cable distribution KDS Telecom, as well as via the cable systems of SBB in Vojvodina.In the city of Novi Sad, our program is broadcast through all the KDS providers. The third transmitter has started working on the 53rd channel of the UHF territory, on the territory of Subotica, which means the broadcasting of TV Panonija is available throughout Bačka territory.

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adress: 11 Hajduk Veljkova, 21000 Novi Sad